Almond Chicken Sandwiches (Where to find edible flowers)


I was recently asked to bring a cold, main dish to an event for 40 people.  A cold main dish really limits your options.  I needed to make something that was simple to make for a large group; something that wouldn’t break the bank, yet still be elegant and impressive. I came up with the idea of making open faced, almond, chicken sandwiches with edible flowers to make it look extra fancy.  Pinterest is filled with amazing recipes that use edible flowers as a garnish, so I thought it must be easy to find.  Nope. I called gourmet grocery stores, florists, and nurseries…no one was able to sell me edible flowers.




I did some research and most places advise going to your garden and picking some fresh, organic, edible flowers right from your own backyard.  So I went to my beautiful kitchen garden (where I grow all types of amazing produce all year long), picked my beautiful flowers, then went dancing on the rainbows…then I awoke from my day dream and saw the only plant living in one of my outdoor containers is a weed.  Obviously these people don’t know me.  I’m a serial plant killer…not intentionally.  Plants just always seem to die when they are in my care.



Another option that was suggested was to simply go to the store and buy organic flowers, but to be sure to get the right kind because otherwise you could poison someone…that option was out.  I finally found a couple of online stores that sell edible flowers.  One was extremely expensive, with the lowest option being $50.  I’m not that rich yet.  Then I found a place called Gourmet Sweet Botanicals.  They had so many options to choose from and I was able to purchase the flower pictured above for $6.75 for a 25 pack! Now that was more like it! Let me be clear, this isn’t a sponsored post.  I loved the product so much, I contacted Gourmet Sweet Botanicals and asked if I could review their product.



Aren’t they beautiful? This is how they came packaged. They even gave me a free sample of another beautiful orchid.  I love free things!


 After receiving the flowers, it took me five days to actually use them, and they still looked amazing.  I will definitely be buying from Gourmet Sweet Botanicals again!

Now on to these amazing, almond chicken sandwiches. What you will love about these sandwiches is that they are so simple and only require 5 ingredients.  I tried adding other ingredients to this sandwich, but found it tasted so much better by just keeping it simple.

STEP ONE: Mix Chicken Salad Ingredients



In a medium sized bowl, mix chicken, mayo, and almonds. Told you this was easy.

STEP TWO: Spread onto Bread and Garnish



Simply spread mixture onto each croissant half, top with spring mix, and garnish with beautiful, edible flowers. Super easy recipe that will impress your guests at any party!

Almond Chicken Sandwiches (Where to find edible flowers)

Almond Chicken Sandwiches (Where to find edible flowers)


  1. 12.5 ounce can of chicken
  2. 1/4 cup mayo
  3. 2 tablespoons sliced almonds
  4. 4 croissants, sliced in half
  5. Spring mix (or other type of lettuce for topping)
  6. Edible flowers (optional)


  • In a medium bowl, combine chicken, mayo, and almonds.
  • Spread mixture onto each croissant half and top with spring mix and edible flowers.

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